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Hi I’m Leon that’s my comment
The global warming is mentioned for many years, a lot of countries endorsement Kyoto Protocol.
Harbin has held the ice festival for many years, but now they face a big trouble, “The globle warming”. The climate warmer and warmer, so the festival finished earlier and earlier, their income is becoming few. I think: ” We need to save energe, protect our environment,so that the world will be better tomorrow!”.


It’s a picture about a affiliate of my family

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imag0200.jpgHi! let me introduce my dog to you, “Money” it’s his name.Maybe you’ve already found I did’t call him “it” .Because in my mind, I think he is my brother, a very lovely brother, always makes me happy, so I always look him as a human.

He is one year old, he is very “outgoing”, it also means he is always want to “go out”and play with my family. In my family, everybody love him,because of his lovely and consideration

Oh, how silly I am, I forget to tell you he is male, but I think you’ve got it already, right?

My introduction

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Hi everyone,my name is Leon,I change my name just a few minute.You can call me whatever Leon or Stitch,maybe you will ask me what are the reasons cause me to change my name?Exactly,my real name is Jacky,but my classmate always call me as my nickname “Stitch”,and there is a classmate call Jacky in my class,too.So that’s the reason why I change my name.
And then let me introduce my family.First,of course is me,I’m in Lssh senior hign school,and I’m an elenventh grade student.As usual,I’m shy in  front of stanger,I like play basketball,I’m a normal teenager.

there are four people in my family,my parents are businessmans,I have a old sister in college,she majors Department of  Radio, TV, & Film,she is always busy in making films,it’s her homeworks,she always says that making films is tiring.

Hello world!

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